Student Reviews of UCLA Law Course

From evaluations of “Professor” Wertlieb completed anonymously by students in the year indicated, except where otherwise indicated:


[Overall evaluation of instructor (9-point scale):  not yet available]

I hope you are still teaching lifecycle of a corporation. It taught me many practical lessons that I use on a daily basis (i.e., reading and analyzing legal documents and drafting). It was definitely one of the best classes I took in law school.  [email from student who took course 8 years earlier]



[Overall evaluation of instructor (9-point scale):  Median 9; Mean 9]

I thoroughly enjoyed your class, Life Cycle of a Business: Transactional Skills, at UCLA School of Law last semester. I am currently working at [a law firm] in Palo Alto as a corporate summer associate, and I am finding that a big number of the topics we discussed in that class are coming up at work regularly.  [email from student who took course earlier in the year]

Professor, Just thought you’d be excited to hear that I am already applying what we discussed in class. A partner at my firm just asked for a memo about the initial steps of an IPO. Pretty confident I can give them quality work thanks to you.  [email from student who took course earlier in the year]

Just wanted to let you know that your Lifecycle class has been extremely helpful during my corporate rotation here at [law firm]! I sat in on an acquisition conference call the other day, and was able to understand a majority of what everyone was saying.  [email from student who took course earlier in the year]

[The instructor’s greatest areas of strength are:] His mastery of the subject and being able to simplify complicated ideas down to the basic elements necessary for practical use in a working environment. . . . I greatly enjoyed the class and think that it will be very helpful when I enter a transactional practice after law school.

He is very knowledgeable and experienced and does an amazing job of simplifying complex concepts to make them accessible and easy to understand. . . . I thought the course was really valuable, especially given the general lack of transactional based classes in law school overall. I feel a lot more confident that I will actually know what is going on when I am working on deals this summer at my firm.

As someone that actually practiced law/continues to practice Prof. Wertlieb presents a different, and welcome perspective to students. He used his experiences in the practice quite well to add to class discussions. And he used his connections to bring in a Superior Ct. Judge for a class which was one of the more interesting and beneficial classes I’ve attended during my time at UCLA.

Very intelligent professor. He always allows students to participate in class and he listens carefully. He teaches only practical material and does not waste students’ time on stuff that do not matter or are outdated. He is ALWAYS accessible. He called me twice (both one day before my assignments were due) and answered every question I had. No professor would ever do that for students. He does not make his students feel uncomfortable. I would not change one thing about him. Incredible professor! . . . Take this course. It is amazing. He is amazing. The material is relevant and helpful.

This course is probably one of the best courses I have taken in law school. Transactional law is not really emphasized upon in law school, so was a great way to get some practical knowledge that will be useful in the future.

Great practical course. Anyone interested in corporate practice should take this class.

Extremely nice professor. Very experienced and provides good insight into the practical concerns of transactional work. Receptive to student ideas and very accessible outside of class. Highly recommended.



[Overall evaluation of instructor (9-point scale):  Median 9; Mean 8.72]

I took your Lifecycle of a Corporation class nearly a decade ago . . . .  I thought I’d shoot you an email and let you know how important your class has been to my career path. . . .  Having your class as a primer has been incredibly valuable as I have moved into the startup world.  I can’t thank you enough!  Are you still teaching Lifecycle at UCLA?  I hope so!  [email from student who took course 9 years earlier]

I was an LLM student attending your course of Lifecycle of a Corporation last year in UCLA. It was a great course which inspires me . . . .  [email from student who took course 1 year earlier]

It’s been a while since I took your class last year, which was the best class at UCLA.  [email from student who took course 1 year earlier]

I wanted to thank you again for a very practical and eye-opening class in Lifecycle of a Corporation.  Your class has given me a greater appreciation and more confidence in legal drafting. . . . Your insight will be very valuable to me as I begin my career as an associate this fall.  [student email]

Thanks again for a great semester.  Your class felt like the most practical course I took during any of my three years at UCLA.  Also, I now find myself second-guessing the litigation track; I’m blaming you for that!  [student email]

Thanks again for teaching this course.  It was without a doubt my favorite class at UCLA and I couldn’t think of a better way to end my last semester!  [student email]

I am already jealous of your future students who will have the pleasure of being in your class.  [student email]

Thank you so much and I really love this class!  Greatest one I’ve had here!  [student note]

Thank you for a great semester. This has been one of my favorite courses at UCLA Law.  [student note]

Thank you for being an amazing professor.  Your class was one of the best I’ve ever had.  [student note]

I shall never forget what an amazing class this was.  Thanks for giving me an advantage.  [student note]

This has been one of my favorite classes in law school because it’s really geared toward the practical side of practice.  I highly recommend his class to any student, regardless of whether they want to do transactional law or litigation because it provides a great foundation for what’\’s going on with companies/clients.

Class was extremely well organized and engaging.  I enjoyed the drafting exercises and thought that the midterm exercise was fantastic.  Job well done, sir.

Professor Wertlieb’s practical knowhow and impressive accomplishments as a corporate lawyer make him ideal to teach this course.  And given that Professor Wertlieb is among the 100 most influential lawyers in California, I was surprised to discover how truly humble, patient, and invested he is in student learning.

For anyone wanting to build substantive knowledge of corporate law and improve drafting, this is just the course to take.  I loved that I got a chance to learn about areas in which I’ve taken zero classes (securities regulation, in particular).  This class is another example of how great the business law and policy specialization is.

This class helped congeal everything I’ve learned thus far in the business law and policy specialization, and Professor Wertlieb’s helpful readings and checklists demystified the process of putting together a complex corporate transaction.

Professor Wertlieb brings a wealth of knowledge from his practice.  His reading and instruction are very practical.  He is very approachable in class and also happy to meet students outside of class.  The semester long hypothetical (from start to end of a small startup with the students as the founders) is a great way to simulate real work practice.  He allows students to make decisions with the company, which helps us get involved and invested.

Professor does not assume students know anything about the subject, which is great.  Presentation is excellent – clear and organized.  Approach is creative.  I really like the drafting exercises and the collective exercise in starting and exiting a company.  Makes you want to participate, but doesn’t pressure you to feel like you can participate only if you are an expert in the subject.  Friendly, happy to help students.

The Professor is very experienced and teaches us lots of practical skills that a transactional lawyers need.  He explains the subject clearly and thoroughly.

[The instructor’s greatest areas of strength are:] Being a great guy.  Being clear.  Making me want to show up to this class even though it meant an hour and a half drive home through traffic.

This course is an amazing survey of transactional law.  I decided not to practice law because I hate litigation and was force fed it exclusively throughout the beginning of my legal education.  If this class had been available to me 1L year, it may have completely altered my career choices.  Please consider adding this course to the 1L curriculum.  Perhaps as a replacement for a portion of the “lawyering skills” course, which currently focuses exclusively on brief writing (because all lawyers write court briefs, right???).

The class was very practical and very useful.  It is a unique and refreshing approach for a law class.

[The instructor’s greatest areas of strength are:] Super friendly and approachable.  Makes a conscious effort to convey practical advice to students.  Makes learning the content interesting.  The course exceeded my expectations in all regards.

[The instructor’s greatest areas of strength are:] Extremely knowledgeable on the materials and does an amazing job of explaining all of the concepts in class.  Highly organized and clear on the materials that are being covered in class.

[The instructor’s greatest areas of strength are:] ability to convey the material such that I understood everything.  Ability to create a very welcoming classroom environment so that I always felt comfortable contributing to the discussion.  One of the best classes I have taken here. Just like the name of the course, great overview of the lifecycle of a corporation, from formation to exit.

Excellent all-around instructor!!!  Super clear, practical, hands on.  Cares about the students an incredible lot.  Open to lunch outside of class.  Buys the whole class personalized “deal toys”!!!  No weaknesses at all!  Incredible course!!  Any aspiring transactional attorney must take this (if you can get in)!!



[Overall evaluation of instructor (9-point scale):  Median 9; Mean 8.63]

Thank you for teaching one of the most practical & useful courses I have ever had the pleasure of taking during my law school career.  I loved the course while it was being taught, but I no idea how much I would use everything until I was a summer associate & now a third year law student.  From the first project that was assigned tome to the final project of the summer, partners were impressed by my knowledge & it was all thanks to you & [co-teacher] Brett.  I hope that you will continue to share your knowledge with other students because you are a wonderful teacher & your passion for it is undeniable.  [letter from student]

It was great.  The subject is so practical that I believe it would be helpful in future.  There are a lot of chances to participate in discussions as well.  Not only practical and helpful, it was so fun. The professors’ talk is very nice and 2 hours passes so fast.

Great class, lucky to have this opportunity at UCLA.

Great course and really interesting.

[The instructor’s greatest areas of strength are:] incredibly smart, knowledgeable, very open to student questions.  Very interactive; fun way to learn the material.

Great idea.  Really novel class at UCLA Law.  Props to the school for doing this.

[Co-teacher] Prof. Goldblatt and Prof. Wertlieb are funny and very much approachable professors and attorneys.  They have so many experiences and knowledge from which I profited during class.  They were able to give a very good overview about what a Corporation Lawyer is working with.  Their teaching style was unique.  They were extremely helpful outside of class and [I] would recommend their class without hesitation!

This was an excellent course and I enjoyed it so much.  I also liked that they discussed the next readings with us, so I always knew what to prepare for next class.  I wish other law school professor would teach like them.

I really enjoyed this course.  I like that it gave us practical knowledge of how corporate transactional work is done at a big law firm.  I think that this will prove to be a very useful course for my summer in the corporate department at a law firm.



[Overall evaluation of instructor (9-point scale):  Median 9; Mean 8.70]

Fantastic Course that is very practical.

One of the best courses I’ve taken at UCLA.



[Overall evaluation of instructor (9-point scale):  Median 9; Mean 8.69]

This is hands-down the best, most practical (for a transactional lawyer), most engaging, best designed class I’ve ever taken at the law school.  Finally a chance to learn what a transactional lawyer does. And finally a chance to get experience doing a lot of hands-on practice with corporate law.  I would recommend this class to anyone that has any inkling of interest in corporate law.  I’m in another transactional-focused class at the law school and that one does not compare to this one.  [In this class,] there is some lecturing on certain topics, some negotiations in class, some advocacy, lots of drafting, and very practical assignments.  The small class setting is perfect for this class and it is truly a free-flow of information with everyone participating and providing their thoughts regarding certain provisions/drafts/topics.

Professor Wertlieb seriously cares that you learn the material, dispenses great practical advice, great facilitator of class discussion.  He is always available for any questions.

Great course.  We need more practical courses like this one.

This course is a great introduction to many corporate and corporate-related concepts. . . . The drafting exercises are great – I don’t know where you can get that sort of training anywhere else.

One of my favorite courses at UCLA.  Would love to have more clinical courses like this one to choose from.

The class gives great practical and technical tools for a transactional lawyer.  There definitely should be more classes like this one in the School options.  The idea of choosing a fictitious company the first day of class and follow its whole life cycle as if it was real is brilliant.  [It] is a great way of incorporating very naturally the things you learn during the semester.

The drafting homework exercises (that don’t take more than 20 minutes to do them) and the class revision every Monday are a great great great! way of teaching to draft contracts.  I learned more how to do it by these simple exercises than in my whole contracts class.

Great course and highly beneficial to any law student interested in transactional work.  I thought the drafting exercises were extremely valuable – this was the only course I took at UCLA that actually spent time on drafting provisions of a contract or agreement.

Great class!  Interesting every week.

Professor Wertlieb knows his stuff.  He also includes interesting insights from his practice.

Very clear presentation of the materials.  I can tell that the professor actually cares about teaching and that he has put time into thinking about clear and concise ways to deliver lectures.  Moreover, I think professor does a good job fielding questions and helping students to think through problems in a Socratic method.

I hope UCLA keeps this class around and adds more like it in the future.

Professor Wertlieb is nice and keeps the class engaging and entertaining.

Great class.  Would definitely recommend to anyone looking to pursue a transactional career.  The contract drafting exercises were great.

The class is dynamic and the professor knows very well how to teach the class.  The student never get bored.  The relationship with the students is excellent.  To finish, the professor is a practitioner, so he really knows what he is taking about.

The sense of humor, dominion of materials and predisposition of the professor make this class something not to miss in the corporate courses.

Excellent course!



[Overall evaluation of instructor (9-point scale):  Median 9; Mean 8.94]

Awesome class!!!  Great instructors.  Definitely recommend to anyone who is interested in transactional practice.  Wish UCLA offered more classes like this

Very practical and interesting subject.  I had a lot of fun, and feel I learned a lot.  The negotiation exercise, and drafting assignments were of a particular interest!

[The instructor’s greatest areas of strength are:] Very knowledgeable and experienced.  Did a great job of dynamically presenting what could sometimes be considered dry material and keeping the class very engaged despite the 8:30 a.m. start time.

Although I had previously taken some courses involving negotiations, tax, and finance, I felt this course did a great job of tying everything together and leaving me with a good understanding of what life will be like as a transactional attorney.

The course was one of the best if not the best course I have taken at UCLA Law.  It’s all transactional work that helps to prepare you for practice at a firm.  Plus the professors are funny, interesting, and insightful.  Highly recommend it.

Great class!  Both Professors are very engaging and enthusiastic about teaching the material.

The drafting exercises were great.  Loved taking a practical course that taught me about drafting and the practice of corporate transactional law.  Hopefully UCLA will offer more classes like this in the future.

Amazing course, my favorite this semester.

The course was a great overview of corporate transactional practice.  I liked the mix of topics in each class session, particularly the drafting segments.  I also liked working with the sample term sheets, stock purchase agreement and contract provisions.  The course was also particularly good at exposing the array of concerns/issues which depended on the nature of the client: company founder, investor or the company itself.  I highly recommend this course.

Loved this class.  The 2.5 hours we spent in class always flew by.  Wish more courses were like this.

Prof gave very organized presentations of the material that made it very easy to learn.  He was also very receptive to student ideas.  He was good at integrating student ideas into his presentation.

Great course!  I really learned a lot about drafting contracts.  I appreciated that this class was more about the practical aspect of being a corporate lawyer because I don’t think there are enough of those classes in law school.

Best overview course I’ve taken at UCLA.  Drafting exercises are good, the reading is well planned.

This class is organized really well; information is generally laid out in a clear manner.

Professor Wertlieb is a very good teacher, he is patient, systematic and very experienced.



[Overall evaluation of instructor (9-point scale):  Median 9; Mean 8.85]

Both professors were great.  They taught it in an organized, clear and interesting way and genuinely seemed to care if we were getting the material.  Made such an early class actually enjoyable.

Easily one of, if not the, best course taken so far at UCLA. . . .  Both professors are great and teach the material in a very practical manner which will be applicable for anyone doing corporate law.

Absolutely take this course if you can.  Practical and hands-on type work.  I worked in transactional work at a firm and this material is exactly what 1st year associates would need to know or would be learning on the job.  The class tries to cover almost every topic at a general level for a corporate attorney and is perfect for someone who wants familiarity with the terms and basic concepts.  If you have no interest in corporate law, it still might be worth taking just because the professors are good at teaching in a clear and interesting way.  If you do have any interest in corporate law, then this is by far the best class to take in terms of preparing you for actual work, even when compared to all of the other business law classes I have taken.

Fantastic practical knowledge, supportive and receptive to students, keeps the class mood upbeat.

This was one of my favorite classes at UCLA.  The professors have taught this class for 10 years and it shows – they know what they’re doing and I felt like I learned a great deal of practical knowledge.  I hope UCLA continues to support more classes like [this one].  I got much more of a sense of what it’s like to work as a lawyer in this class than any other.  The reading assignments weren’t mired in academic theory, but contained useful and practical information from working attorneys.

This is a great class.

Prof Wertlieb is extremely friendly and very receptive to students’ ideas and comments.  He also brings in a wealth of practical knowledge and really knows what to look out for when drafting contract provisions.  You can tell that he enjoys teaching and he really tries to engage the class (sometimes I feel bad when nobody raises their hand but I think this is because the class is at 8:30 am on Mondays).

This is a great course for anyone interested in learning about drafting contract provisions, negotiation techniques, and the challenges and choices facing a corporation from startup to sale (or bankruptcy).  We actually “started” our own company (which we got to pick) as a class and went through the different phases.  As practicing lawyers, the professors are both extremely knowledgeable.  They are also very approachable and very open to students’ ideas.  Highly recommended course!

Thank you again for teaching such a wonderful class – a lot of students had told me your class was not to be missed, and it truly was an amazing experience.  [email from student]

 Thank you for the excellent teaching and feedback that you have provided me this semester; I am grateful to have been able to participate in your course.  [email from student]



[Overall evaluation of instructor (9-point scale):  Median 9; Mean 9.00]

Great course for any student wanting to do corporate transactional work.

Very organized, articulate, approachable and really knows his stuff.  Seems very mature, seasoned and under control.  If you are going into transactional work, this is one of the few relevant courses offered at UCLA.  You won’t read a single case, instead you’ll learn practical drafting skills and learn about the stages that companies go through from inception to exit.

I felt like I gained a lot of insight . . . great class!

Very organized, experienced and receptive t student views.  A great course headed by an organized, knowledgeable, kindly professor teaching something he’s been working at forever.

[The instructor’s greatest areas of strength are:] Humor, knowledge, understanding of the material.  Amazing professor.

Just a practical, useful, well done class.  Law school should have 100 of these classes.

Well organized lecture based on the experience.

This is one of the classes I really wanted to take in this law school to review the entire transaction flow and join the negotiation.  And it really [was] worth it.  Negotiation regarding the term sheet and exercises and lecture about drafting technique are quite helpful for a non-native foreign student.  Because of the limited capacity of the class, it was easy to participate at the class.

It was precious experience to brush up the stream of the corporate transaction flows from the start to exit.

[The instructor’s greatest areas of strength are:] his ability to communicate well in class and his practical knowledge of the subject.

This course is the only course I know of in law school where the professors actually assign drafting of contract provisions and draft similar provisions with students during class.  Very valuable.  This course also allowed me to understand / get a feel for what a transactional practice is like.

Lifecycles was one of the most informative – and fun – classes I’ve taken, and I appreciate the keepsake to remember it by.  Thank you!  [student email]



[Overall evaluation of instructor (9-point scale):  Median 9; Mean 8.60]

Great course, provides a brief exposure to the transactional side of the law, illuminates some very interesting issues with drafting contracts, explores interesting ethical issues, but leaves them unresolved – as in welcome to being a lawyer.

I actually spent a lot of time on the homework (I almost never do anything outside of basic reading for a class) and I only spent this time because I really enjoyed it.

It was a fantastic class.  All students interested in transactional work should be required to take the class.  I know that is impossible, but it is really that good of a class.  Seriously.

Very good look into a lot of the work a transactional lawyer does, and better training for said work than any other class I’ve taken.

I found this to be the most useful course I have taken thus far at UCLA.  The subject matter was interesting, the presentation was organized and helpful, and I feel like I can leave with some practical skills.  I thought the drafting exercises were crucially helpful to my future practice.

It’s a very cool class and unlike anything else I’ve taken.  The drafting exercises are extremely helpful and something that it is very difficult to get elsewhere in the law school.

Great professors.  Very helpful survey of the issues faced by corporate attorneys on a daily basis.  Recommended for students interested in becoming transactional and litigation attorneys.

This course is great if you plan to do corporate/transactional work.  If you plan to be a litigator, it is less useful, but still worth taking because it is interesting and fun.

The class is really good; it is really interesting and provides great practical experience.

The course is great; the professors are very helpful and are always available to talk about the class material or any other concerns that students have.

This is one of the best classes to take for anyone interested in transactional work.  The class size is perfect.

A great teacher.

I love this class.  I learned so much about business and how to be a good transactional attorney.

Neil is extremely personable and cares about the students.  As an example, I missed a class where Neil handed out an assignment.  Neil made sure that the handouts made their way to my mailbox, something I’ve never heard of a professor doing.  He’s very precise and organized making every minute of class worthwhile.

A must-take for anyone interested in transactional practice.  The course basically runs you through a company from formation to death and exposes you to the relevant legal topics and documents that goes along with each phase.



[Overall evaluation of instructor (9-point scale):  Median 9; Mean 8.83]

Thank you for a fantastic semester!  This was a personally challenging class but by far my favorite of the semester.  [student email]

A great class.  Helps students develop skills necessary for real-world practice.

[The instructor’s greatest areas of strength are:] great experience in the field and ability to effectively communicate lessons from that experience to the class.  A lot of good practical advice.  Great class, it was good to get experience in drafting and negotiating before starting to work.

[The instructor’s greatest areas of strength are:] very knowledgeable, great attitude, created a very pleasant environment in class.  It’s a great class, highly recommend.

[The instructor’s greatest areas of strength are:] breaks down complex issues and makes them understandable.  Probably one of the best classes I’ve taken.  Very practice oriented.  The drafting and negotiation exercises are particularly helpful for understanding the rationale of provisions and appreciating the efforts behind achieving results in practice.

[The instructor’s greatest areas of strength are:] helpful, friendly, skilled, organized.  Great and super relevant course with a practical approach.  Best course ever, keep it that way.

Great course to take for those interested in corporate law or transactional work.  Gives a brief survey of aspects of securities, tax, and bankruptcy law that is relevant to a corporate practice.

[The instructor’s greatest areas of strength are:] integration of student comments into structure of lecture.  One of the best classes I have taken.  I have never enjoyed a simulation exercise before, but this one was very effective in forcing a thorough review of a lot of material, and the rewards for preparation were immense.  Very satisfying.

Prof. Wertlieb is a great teacher, knowledgeable, and presents the material with a demeanor that makes you want to learn.  The profs for this course were some of the best I’ve had in law school.  Great course especially for those interested in corporate law.



[Overall evaluation of instructor (9-point scale):  Median 9; Mean 8.62]

[The instructor’s greatest areas of strength are:] knowledge, experience, humor, he’s genuinely interested in the class and our learning experience.

Great professors, valuable material (and somewhat unique to a law school class), great guest speakers, occasional free donuts!  For an early morning class, I never missed and I always looked forward to being there.

[The instructor’s greatest areas of strength are:] clear delivery of information; very lively and entertaining; inspires me to want to be involved in transactional practice.  Great course.  UCLA should have more practical and small discussion-based classes like this.  It’s very useful!

This course was a very useful course, where we learned what we really need to know as a corporate lawyer.  The prof. was very thorough in explaining important factors and very concise in matters which could be covered briefly.

Great presentation; great mastery of subject.  Drafting/negotiation exercises are great.  This type of course taught by practitioners are strongly recommended.

His presentation of the course materials makes clear his understanding of the subject matter and experience as a professor.

[The instructor’s greatest areas of strength are:] clarity; thoughtfulness with respect to presentation; ability to relate abstract legal considerations to real-world problems.

This is the kind of course that should be the rule, not the exception, in upper year courses – practical, still some interesting theory, illustrative of lawyering.

[The instructor’s greatest areas of strength are:] has broad knowledge on the subject; very organized; clear explanation.

Great class.  Must take this class if you plan to be a transactional lawyer!  Negotiation exercise was fun.  We could learn what we really need once we become a lawyer.

Excellent overview of corporate law; materials well organized and presented.  Format of class (practical application of material, exercises, “creating” a company) provided great, useful insight into life of a corporate lawyer.

Great experience in the field of practice that he is able to integrate into the class.  He knows what he is speaking about and enriches class content with a lot of examples.  The practical approach makes the course very attractive and shows how the reality works.  Such types of courses should be supported as much as possible to prepare students for their entry into the corporate practice.

Great ability to draw points from students to incorporate them into the lesson.  Learnt a lot from this course – must be kept in the curriculum.



[Overall evaluation of instructor (9-point scale):  Median 9; Mean 8.5]

Very helpful/practical course for those interested in starting own company.

Prof. Wertlieb is well organized, really knowledgeable, and seems to care about his students actually learning the material.  I most appreciated his availability outside of class.  A very valuable class with amazing professors.

I (and most of my colleagues) really appreciated the practicality of this course.  Your approach to teaching, with tie-ins from your actual practice, was sincerely appreciated.  It was a pleasure!

It’s great to see practicing attorneys who actually seem to enjoy their job.

Neil was knowledgeable, personable and always eager to give us insight into the actual practice of corporate transactional law.  He cared enough to take the time to make the class fun and informative.  Great guy.

The class was good at giving us a big picture of what we’re about to get into.  The profs, though very busy, never made the class feel rushed, or like an afterthought.  I will hit the ground running because of that.

Super useful.

Complete mastery of the material, a great teaching style and real-world experience make him an outstanding instructor.  This course is a must for anyone taking transactional courses.

[The instructor’s greatest areas of strength are:] clarity, explanation, enthusiasm!

This was a fantastic class, and should be taken by all 3Ls interested in business law (either litigation or business).

The course is exceptionally well organized & easy to understand (not easy concept-wise, but well explained).

This class, more than any other I’ve had, addressed what issues I will be facing as a lawyer.  I think it will at least lessen the feeling of panic when I get my first legal assignment.

Really knowledgeable & entertaining.  Practical yet fun class.

Amazing class!



[Overall evaluation of instructor (9-point scale):  Median 9; Mean 8.71]

This class is unique and necessary for practical experience in the business/transactional law field. . . . This is a great course for a graduating 3L, to put various modules of knowledge in context.  This class is equally important for a 1st semester 2L, because it provides great coverage of various concepts that could provide great experience from which to choose specialization within the business law context.

[The instructor’s greatest areas of strength are:] exceptional knowledge; great examples & explanations.  Practical knowledge gained was very helpful.  Really learned a lot about being a practicing attorney.

Neil was very thoughtful & knowledgeable.  Great prof.

This is probably the best class I have taken.  It’s not only practical but it really helps bring together lots of different substantive areas. . . .  Thank you so much for teaching this class.  It’s so refreshing to gain knowledge that can readily be used in practice as opposed to theoretical abstractions.

[The instructor’s greatest areas of strength are:] good humor, patience, friendliness.

Great course.  Very valuable & practical; more so than just about every other course I’ve ever taken.

[Neil] knew the material very well; presented in a clear manner.  I want more of these practical classes; they are very beneficial.

Able to explain complicated concepts in a clear, concise & approachable manner.  This was an excellent course.  I loved the concept & design/presentation of the material.



[Overall evaluation of instructor (9-point scale):  Median 8.5; Mean 8.29]

 I loved the class.  Thank you so much for coming in each week and sharing.  I think I had more “fun” in your class than any other.  [student email]



[Overall evaluation of instructor (9-point scale):  Median 9; Mean 8.69]

Prof. is a very experienced and highly knowledgeable corporate lawyer.  Great teacher.  Easily distills complex materials down to the basics.  Very receptive to student questions, etc. – accessible.

This is one of the best classes I have ever taken at UCLAW.  Classes were very well organized.  The material spans all of corporate law.  The readings are important for corporate practice; the presentations are very well organized.  Profs are very receptive to questions and the personalized feedback is very helpful.

I really liked the course; don’t think I’m going to do corporate work, but nice to see how it works so I have a better understanding when doing [different practice].

You guys demonstrated that a course can be successfully taught by working attorneys, something that I have not always found to be the case.

I wish all my reading supplements were organized so well.  Class was very valuable in showing me how the info from all my other corp. law classes works together.  Both written exercises were great.  I spent a lot of time on them, but felt like it was totally worthwhile in helping me understand term sheets & risk factors.

[The instructor’s greatest areas of strength are:] knowledge of material & practical experience.  Very nice, clear and organized.

Great course to get a big picture; very practical learning on being a corporate lawyer.

This was a really great class for students interested in corp/transactional work!  It really puts everything you’ve learned (tax, corp law, securities reg, public offerings, etc.) into one place.  The class does a really good job of showing the variety of work that a corp lawyer works on.

Great interesting fun class.

Highly valuable – great balance and integration of law and practice of law.  Keep this course.

Neil was a great prof – very enthusiastic about the subject matter.  An enthusiastic prof makes enthusiastic students.  I enjoyed coming to class every week.  This has been one of my favorite courses in law school.  Thanks!

Great class.  All those interested in transactional work should take it.

[The instructor’s greatest areas of strength are:] good at helping students understand the concepts; very reception to classroom ideas.



[Overall evaluation of instructor (9-point scale):  Median 9; Mean 8.80]

Best class I have taken in law school.  This class ties everything else I learned in law school & brings it together into something useful.

Clear explanation of concepts.

Great practical class.  Nice change from other law classes.

Great overview of corporate law, very practical, very interesting.

Class very practical.  Please bring back Neil & [co-teacher] Brett.  They work very hard and are a credit to UCLA Law.

I learned a lot.  Enjoyed the class atmosphere.

This class is atypical from any other classes, which is great.  Much more practical oriented than theory.  Keep it!

The lifecycle approach is great.