Student Reviews of SCU Law Course

From evaluations of “Professor” Wertlieb completed anonymously by students in the year indicated, except where otherwise indicated:


[Overall evaluation of instructor (5-point scale):  Median 5; Mean 5]

I appreciated Prof Wertlieb’s enthusiasm and class structure. A class well worth its 3 units!

I could not emphasis enough how much I enjoy this course and Professor Wertlieb. He has done an excellent job at teaching us how to be effective transactional attorneys and the readings that he assigned were extremely valuable in breaking down contract drafting and startup concepts that I feel like I’ve learned a tremendous amount in this course. I would recommend this course and this Professor to anyone interested in transactional law.

I really enjoyed this class. I learned a lot about the legal side of start-ups. The professor was always available if you had questions and willing to go beyond the material.

I really liked the practical application of the drafting exercises and the larger exercises throughout the semester. Professor Wertlieb was also open to answering any questions and ensuring we had a solid understanding of the material. I also appreciated how much feedback he gave for exercises. Overall, I enjoyed the course this semester.

Loved this class! Was a little more challenging than I anticipated, but well worth it. Professor Wertlieb was excellent, I wouldn’t change anything about how the course is taught. Expectations were very clear, everything was so organized, as a student I really appreciated how user-friendly the whole course was. Everything was always easy to find and Professor Wertlieb always made himself available.Thank you a million!

Professor Neil Wertlieb is an excellent transferor of knowledge. He is clearly very experienced and his instructions and descriptions of legal issues of startup business shows this.

Professor Wertlieb communicates the material in a clear and thorough way. He organizes the course so it’s engaging all semester. The practical work was very helpful.

Professor Wertlieb is incredibly knowledgeable and approachable. Amazing class, amazing professor. I would like to see Professor Wertlieb teach other classes.

Professor Wertlieb was my favorite professor at Santa Clara Law. He made class very interesting and the challenging material understandable. Feedback on assignments was very detailed and helpful. He should help other professors improve their teaching methods.

This course really pushed me to apply knowledge that I had learned in other classes to practical, real-world problems. Prof. Wertlieb was excellent and it truly felt like he wanted us all to succeed and become successful transactional attorneys. The exercises helped to garner confidence in the material and problems a real client may have and he provided detailed feedback for each exercise. Overall, I enjoyed this class and wish I could take more from Prof. Wertlieb.

This is one of my favorite courses that SCU Law offers partly because of the Professor. Professor Wertlieb designed the class in understandable segments that ultimately led to a clear big picture of what transactional attorneys should be aware of in the field. His use of a class company allowed students to apply the material to a more realistic situation than textbooks could provide. The weekly contract drafting exercise were helpful since it allowed us to continuously interact with the material. Additionally, the exercises throughout the semester were challenging but do-able.

Overall, I have recommended to other students that they take this course with Professor Wertlieb if it is offered again.

This was a fantastic course, and an excellent instructor. I really appreciated the focus on practical aspects of start up companies and the diverse range of issues that a lawyer working with/in a start up needs to know about. Generally I hate having assignments throughout the semester, its much easier for me to cram for the exam. But, I found the practical nature of the assignments more engaging than usual, and I do think I learnt far more this way.